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StackStorm Repository – StackStorm (aka “IFTTT for Ops”) is event-driven automation commonly used for auto-remediation, security responses, facilitated troubleshooting, complex deployments, and more. Includes rules engine, workflow, 1800+ integrations, native ChatOps and so forth. Managing a Cisco switch with Puppet – My experiences of managing a Cisco switch with Puppet. Getting Started and Basics – Introduction to programming with Go. Python Programming Guides and Tutorials – Python Central – Experienced Python programmers and enthusiasts from around the world that are eager to share their experience. Napalm-automation – News and updates about the NAPALM project.

Go is a strongly typed language, which makes it a lot different from Python. Developers who are familiar with C++ tend to really enjoy working in Go.

What Job Roles Should Take the Exam?

It is important to know that employers do not hire you because of online courses you take but instead hire you for the experience you have. These are all a big part of enterprise application developer’s toolkit and will become part of a network engineer’s tool kit when using SDNs. Because this is a more specialized job title than, say, a Back-End Engineer, the data on salaries from state to state are sparse. But you can likely expect that salaries in tech hubs will be in the higher five figures to six figure range, because the competition for top talent is high.

  • Enthsquare engineers are very well versed in industry leading technologies like Microsoft, Cisco etc.
  • Salt-sproxy – Salt plugin to automate the management and configuration of devices at scale, without running Minions.
  • Git allows you to track changes to your code/scripts, while letting other developers/network engineers contribute to your code with ease.
  • To manage the implementation of Networks & Security related tasks within existing & new projects.
  • When I say that Python is a beginner programming language, I do not mean it is less powerful than other languages.

Being able to track changes to source code is essential – even the smallest change can cause all kinds of things to break. Developers traditionally have used several types of version control, such as Subversion, or CVS. “Git” is another very popular version control tool, which I feel is vastly superior to the alternatives. Experience in the development of commercially used software that will utilize the latest cloud technology, enterprise services, expert technology, security, and database access. As a Software Engineer, you will work on a small team to develop a new Java platform on which a range of future applications will be built. This is a highly visible role where you will have a lot of autonomy, product ownership, and ability to significantly influence the product. As the world’s most widely deployed graph database, we help organizations – including NASA, UBS and Volvo Cars – to reveal and predict how people, processes and systems interrelate.

Python GUI | Build a Beautiful Calculator with PyQt and Qml

Instead it is a good all around language used for many different things. This includes writing scripts and developing networking tools.

  • Another useful tool is Jenkins – which is typically used in software development as a crucial part of a Continuous Integration pipeline.
  • It introduces core programming concepts, core principles of writing in an object-oriented language, and the software development lifecycle at a very high level.
  • I’d recommend this intro, or if you prefer a more interactive tutorial, this one is pretty good.
  • In that sense, they are essential to keeping teams connected to business data and one another every day.

Founded in 1999, Tobago Technologies boasts solutions-oriented programming systems that meet the needs of its hundreds of locally based and remote clients. Headquartered in Lebanon, Ohio, Tobago Technologies prides itself on an internal office environment that is flexible, hard-working and designed to meet the needs of its employees above all. Our mission at Tobago Technologies is to continue in our role as a world-class innovator in the software development field and to maintain and grow our relationships with our employees and clients. We believe that the future of network engineers won’t fully be coding and scripting.

Configuration Management

Generally speaking, as a network engineer looking to get syntax highlighting, or maybe some basic style checking, most “advanced” text editors like Sublime Text or Notepad++ will do the job. In both of these cases, the vanilla software itself is pretty good, but there’s also a very long list of plugins available that you can use to extend the existing functionality. However, there’s a powerful application for networking as well – after all, these templates just render like text files. Switch and router configurations really are nothing more than that. What if we could create a template that loops through a list of VLANs, and automatically renders them into a switch configuration, rather than having you write them yourself. Now that’s out of the way, I highly recommend you check out Jinja2 – a templating language used in a variety of applications.

The server modules manage the server side of the conversation, using both HTTP and our binary protocol, Bolt. When windows network engineer I say that Python is a beginner programming language, I do not mean it is less powerful than other languages.

Becoming a Network Engineer means staying on top of industry trends, continuing to optimize your networks, and taking additional courses in the future in order to do your job even better. There’s nothing stagnant about a career in coding, and choosing to pursue network engineering is a great way to keep things exciting at work.

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